In addition to supporting organizations and contributions, the Kansas Troopers Foundation gives out annual scholarships to qualified candidates.  The Kansas Troopers Foundation will award up to 15 scholarships each year.  Each selected recipient will receive a $500 check from the Kansas Troopers Foundation.  The scholarship application deadline is June 15 each year.


The 2024 Scholarship Application process is currently OPEN.

Applicants will submit an online application here with all required materials to be submitted by June 15, 2024 at 5 pm. 

In addition to the online application, you are required to upload and submit:

  1. A 500 word essay containing the following:
    -Interests in public safety
    -Career Goals
    -Past or current public service activities
  2. Proof of enrollment at a post-secondary institution
  3. A 250 word (or less) biography stating information about your previous and/or current school experience, a brief account of activities you are involved in, how you got interested in public safety or the administration of justice, and goals for the future. 
    Note: This biography, along with your photo, will be published in the Kansas Trooper magazine and will not be used in the selection process.
  4. A current high quality digital photo


Recipients of KTF scholarships shall meet the following criteria:

  • a Kansas resident;
  • enrolled in a post-secondary education institution;
  • have a minimum G.P.A. of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale;
  • demonstrate financial need;
  • exhibit previous or ongoing activities of public service;
  • either be pursuing a career in public safety or the administration of justice; and
  • may not be a member within the first degree of relationship to either a member of the scholarship committee or the KTF board.


  1. Scholarship application forms shall be reviewed and approved by the KTF board of trustees. 
  2. Scholarship application forms are due by June 15 each year.
  3. The review period of the submitted scholarship applications shall be between June 15th and the July KTF board meeting. 
  4. The scholarship committee will only review fully completed scholarship applications which comply to the directions of the scholarship application form online.  Application packets which fail to conform to the scholarship application form requirements by the due date will be considered incomplete.
  5. Final decision on scholarship recipients will take place at the July KTF board meeting unless otherwise authorized by the board. 
  6. All applicants will receive decision notification, in writing, within thirty (30) business days of review. 
  7. Scholarships shall be distributed to selected recipients by September 1.

You can download a copy of the scholarship requirements here.  IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, CALL 785-234-4488.